E-mail from Maxim Mag

Did anyone else get this e-mail from Maxim?

If this is legit. I’ll leave it to others to respond.


I didn’t get the email. But if it’s real, it sounds great. I have never gotten a Maxim mag, but for this I just might.


Send him a link to the photoshop galleries… ha.

By galleries i meant thread.

:smiley: That picture XWonka made that featured Kris in a ballet dress would be something not seen in magazines before. And the text under the pic would be: “The hero of all MUni and Trials unicyclists, Kris Holm”


I didn’t receive a copy this e-mail. I am supposed to receive copies of all e-mails addressed to the USA officers mailing list, so I don’t know why I didn’t receive this one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Tom Daniels

Keep us updated on what happens… :sunglasses: