Dyno Fireball 24"

I was recently in Melbourne and chanced upon a Custom Cruiser Bike shop at
the south end of Brunswick St (Fitzroy) that sells Dyno Fireball tyres. At
$60AUS a pop they were too expensive for me. I think they had one left out
the back,plus some on their bikes. The shop is on the East side of the
road, down in about the last block before the cathedral (I think - I’m not
from Melbourne).

If anybody in Australia wants to get their hands on it but can’t get to
Melb, I may be able to arrange for a friend to pick it up.


i might have to check that out, remind me y i want one, i’ve forgotten y they are so good?


I worship Jesus

The Dyno Fireball is the only slick 24"x3" tire in production, or was, because the manufacturer has been recently sold and may not manufacture this tire any longer. Their site is still up.

In the 24" diameter there is also the ICR Metro in 24"x2.0" but they may be hard to find.

The Fireball has a relatively flat and squarish tread which is great for riding on pavement. I’m told it’s also great for trials riding. The tire has fireballs etched into the tread which looks very cool.

If you’re buying, check the tire width, which could be 2.75" or 3.0" and ensure you have enough width clearance on your uni to handle such a fat tire.

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