Dynamo hub

Now that the days in the northern hemisphere are getting shorter, I’m looking for a dynamo hub for my unicycle. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Just get a rechargeable light. High performance LEDs and Lithium Ion batteries work so well together.

How should that work? In contrast to bike hubs, on a unicycle hub there is not one single part that is not rotating. A dynamo needs relative motion and in a unicycle hub, there is none.

If you really feel the need to overcomplicate things, it should be possible to make a spoke dynamo work (likely with some modification):

But if you want to do the reasonable thing, just get some good rechargeable LED lights (I’d recommend a headlamp, since sometimes your upper body turns before the unicycle follows). They last a long time now, and charge with a USB cable. I would never use battery lights on my commuter bicycle, but on a unicycle, it’s the smartest solution.

One like this with magnets on the spokes would be pretty easy to set up on a uni:

dynamo hub

It was likely meant as a conundrum (thank you surly for introducing this word into my english vocabulary), aware that there is not such a niche product in such a niche market.
@ Eric arent the bearings the part, which are between moving and non moving parts? @ finnspinn I like my fatbike commuter on forest roads with a dynamo light on the frame and a helmet (battery) light, but I dont like to be dependent on batterys and accus alone.
Regards Georg

Likely? So you are not sure what it was meant to be yourself?

Dynamo Humm!

Maybe an old middle of tire, under the kickstand type might work for you. It has done well for me, but a rechargeable light from ebay would work much better. I mount mine on my helmet which far surpasses the brightness and visibility of a dynamo.

Sorry mixed up the words, I meant “in fact”. Sometimes it`s hard not to write in your mother language.