Dynamix trials ride - Joe Baxter/Alister Burt

My first ride since breaking my foot a few months ago, Joe’s first proper trials ride in forever! :smiley:
Any comments are appreciated, thanks!

That was sick! Your guys are smooth. Whereabouts is that? I presume you built all those obstacles?

This was filmed at Dynamix skatepark in Newcastle (actually gateshead), those obstacles were originally for a trials competition, but I think they’re making them into a permanent type thing :slight_smile:

I hate Sony :angry: It doesn’t let me watch videos:(

download hotspot shield it changes your ip:D

vimeo for those who can’t watch! :slight_smile:

i love your styles. its really smooth - especially Joe.
how does he jump that high seat in???

Nice!!! Relaxing…

Cheeky little tip

Cool video! I really liked how quick the pedal grabs were, they looked really smooth.

sweet! lookin solid considering you haven’t rode since i dunno when! :stuck_out_tongue:

!!! yeah think i’ll watch that a third time :smiley:

jep - go on!

thanks everyone! :slight_smile: