Dylan Wallinger on Fox

Today as I surfed around the forum I had the tv on. A show called “Whacked Out Sports” was on. It is a “caught on tape” type of show where they show people getting hurt and other wondrous things. The show is very dumb and I have since changed the channel.
However during one of their “we’ll be right back” sequences before a commercial they showed Dylan Wallinger’s famous rock to face gap in Moab from Universe II. you know the one where he says “Im outta commission…”
Just before this I was thinking that they should show some unicycle crashes.

I remember seeing that! Then I was waiting for more unicycle footage, and nothing. For anyone who used to play the computer game You Don’t Know Jack, the voiceover guy from Whacked Out Sports is the same one that hosted the game. Funny stuff, but not as good as the older Maximum Exposure. I like those shows.

This is pretty random… I’m in Vanderhoof B.C. right now, working, and staying in a hotel, and I just saw this clip last night on T.V. My friend was watching it and just yelled “There’s Dylan!” and I turned around just in time to see me kiss the rock. Haha, so random.

There is actually quite a bit of unicycle footage on that show. It must come before Dylan’s clip. I’ve seen it on TV once and heard from some other people that they saw it in a bar. It’s all footage from Defect and U2. I like the part when they superimpose the batman costume over me…