Dylan, Lauren, and Greg cruise Comox...

It looks impossible to me. The rubber compresses, frame leans to the side, and another smooth landing is ridden out. The entire stair set cleared. No fluke the feat is followed by 180’s to backwards landing, pedal grabs to rubber on retaining walls, and a smooth glide which makes me wonder why people consider this seemingly easy stunt difficult. I am, of course, watching Dylan ride. Nothing new to Lauren. This is the first time I’ve ridden with these two ‘neighbours’ here on Vancouver Island. In fact it’s the fist time I’ve ridden with anyone who could do more than let go of a pole and promptly lose balance. An eye opener to be sure. It’s also highly educational. Watching Dylan hop effortlessly wherever and whenever he pleases I’m able to glean enough information to be able to try a hop or two myself. The tire got off the ground too, I swear it did! I’ll soon be hopping cigarette packages in a single fearless bound.

And riding in a group, albeit a small group, is liberating. Unicyclists, at least this one, are obviously pack animals. We ‘owned’ the main drag in sleepy, downtown, Comox for that brief but memorable ride. Marlin Brando in Wild One comes to mind. And that’s a problem. I’m old enough to remember Marlin Brando in Wild One! What am I doing trying to keep up with these two…? Having a helluva lot of fun that’s what.

Cheers, Greg

Re: Dylan, Lauren, and Greg cruise Comox…

I can’t believe you learned to hop so quickly! That was definetly the coolest
part of the ride. It took me a week to learn…
Looking forward to more, longer rides!


Re: Dylan, Lauren, and Greg cruise Comox…

It was great! I’m with you Greg, i love riding in a group even if it was small,
I’m just sorry i was tired from the North East Woods trails i rode earlyer that day with Dylan.
We much get together soon and try more stairs and everything in Comox again.
I also want to give your Trials another try.

Cheers, Laur