I am prly gonna get the DX tomm and makin sure that i should. Is the weight that big of a deal for just trials. I know its harder to do unispins. But what im gonna do is get the DX and in maybe in like 8 months or so after i learn sum 5 or 6 foot drops, learn to hop up about 2 feet, ride stairs and sum other basic trials stuff, im gonna brake down and get a KH or sumthin like that. Does anyone have any more suggestions or details about the DX i should know?

get the KH now, instead of doing that
its pointless to buy twice
i have broken or messed up EVERY SINGLE part on my DX :stuck_out_tongue:
im proud :slight_smile:
other than that
see if your bike shop will turn one spoke 1/4 a turn or something then put it back so they can say that they assembled it and pay $1 for it. or just go w/ the OOHHH yeah i got it assembled at a bikeshop
not that it really matters because I didn’t do that, but noone knows that, do they?
find a bikeshop that is willing to send it in for warranty and stuff.

well i dont have the money for a KH now and wont have it for a while prly like 2 months, this wil be my frst trials so im gonna get it to learn most of the basics on and get a new one later.

you won’t NEED a KH or better until you can hop 26" or so
do 360 unispins
probably crankflip
take at least a 6 foot drop, and at least a 6 set

I know the DX is on the Heavy side but is it still possible to hop 26" or do a 360 unispin ??? and also, out of all that stuff, i can only do a 6 set.

i have never done a unispin, but, for hopping, it doesnt make that much of difference

so how high can you hop with the dx?? and also, wut is the highes a DX can drop?

Of course. You’ll be fine with it, I wouldn’t worry about it unless you want to get very seriously into hard trials, or something. Yes, the KH is worth the money if you have it, but the added weight won’t limit you all that much.

How high can you hop on a DX? well how high can you hop on a any other unicycle? I ride a heavy trials (Quax with very heavy pedals + metal grind plate) and I can rolling hop 32" or so… after a little getting used to, the weight doesn’t bother you.

Drop hight depends again on your technique. If you roll out properly you can easily do 6 foot drops or more on it I’m sure.

last question i hope? can i learn aboy 6-7 foot drops on the dx along with unispins??

yeah, and IDK if you caught what I meant w/ a 6 set
launching all the way down it… easily… I was going to say more, but i know that MANY MANY MANY people have rediculously small rolling hops, that should be improved upon.
actually, if you can up 26" you should be able to make it down an 8 set… make that an 8 set

wut about unispins, how difficult is it with the DX?? dus anyone who has one do a 360 unispin?

Cody Williams supposedly did a 540 unispin on a 24" DX. Which is much harder on a larger wheel, not to mention that the 24" weighs about 3 pounds more. I can 360 unispin a 24" DX.

Weight is really not that big of a problem. It might take you slightly longer to learn with it, but I wouldn’t worry much about it if you can’t afford the KH.

When your doing stuff on it, dont think, “Dang, im using a heavy uni, this will make everything harder.”

Thats all a lie kinda. Unispins I can do on my DX, it feels fine. Crankflips I can do on my DX, they feel fine. Doing trials feels amazing, doing drops feels amazing as well.

its a strong uni, its a few pounds heavier than the KH, but its not gonna make anything much harder at all.

I’m about to get a DX and I figured I’d just assemble it myself. I didn’t think about needing to send stuff in for warranty yet. Did you really work out a deal like this with your lbs? I guess I’ll need to work out a deal like that with my lbs too.

Lol well I have done 540 unispins on it, and hopped 34in on one…Il say ya :wink: