What is the Weight of the 2007 Torker DX.

I dunno…but why not weigh it?

the same as the 06+ about 2oz

I think it is roughly 14 pounds.

I weighed mine today and got 13.5 pounds (+ or - a quarter of a pound due to my inaccurate scale), but mine has an LX frame and seat.

really heavy. heavy enough that if you are buying it you cant care how much it weighs.

well i heard the DX was like 17 lbs and not 14Lbs

Let’s not forget that there are two sizes of the DX, 24" and 19" you should specify.

2007 DX Trials is 15-16 pounds.

My 2007 24" DX, assembled out of the box, with 5-1/8 inch of the seat post trimmed, weighed 15.0 lbs on my digital bathroom scale. Weighed it twice. Can’t vouch for the accuracy of the scale, but it’s new.

19" DX.
Cut down seat to 6mm of foam left.
24cm of seat post, resthas been cut off and put away.

Weight = 13.5 pounds.

I have more foam, but less seat post, probably 22cm max, I’m too lazy to take it out.

buy a kh;)