DX, Will it last?

I’m kind of a beginner in trials but I want to go do muni. Will the DX hold up well?


Just land big drops carefully, and with good roll out, etc.

for muni and trials, 20" or 24"

Yeah, it will hold up, ive had mine for a few months now, and the only problem was a few loose spokes, re-tightened them, and they were fine. Some of the picture of me and my DX are in my gallery.

just be carefull not to snap your frame like i did

hold on, how did u snap ur frame?

Dont worry…Muzzle is a pretty hardcore rider. I doubt your frame will break. And for Muni and trials i would say get the 24" but others will be bound to disagree.

Thanks but im definitely getting a 20". I can’t do trials on a 24"

Ok its up to you.

yes, trials isnt that much harder on a 24" you know

Mornish!! :angry: Just in case you didn’t read my other post I don’t need your opinion on the internet, c’mon :astonished:

yea, but how do u know that trials is much harder on a 24" uve never tried a 24" muni. i have, there not that much harder:)


Because u silly, I rode Joey’s LX and I couldn’t hop more than like 2 inches. I can do way better than that a 20" CX. Gosh.

I think trials is alot harder on a 24", its big, bulky and I have less control. If you are taller than me then you will probably have an easier time but I am guessing you are 12 like miles(?).
If you can only hop 2" on a 24" then you really need to work on your technique, a bigger wheel doesn’t make too much of a difference to your hop height, it just complicates the manuverability (at least for me).

hes 13. hes pretty tall also. i think he should get a 24" because hes also going 2 do muni on it, but its up 2 him. wat i ment is that uve never used and actual 24" uni with a 2.5" or 3" tire. those r much much easier 2 hop with.


Well if you are doing more muni than trials then get the 24".
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yea lol. srry about that. hes never actually done muni, but he wants 2. and he also wants 2 do trials though. from what ive seen is MUni is alot easier on a 24" and trials is still possible. By the way, the DX probably wont break. Its just pretty heavy.

Okay i have the DX 24" and it has heald up very nicely. I ride MUni and do some trials but not too much.

i have always heard that trials on a 24 is better than MUni on a 20. If you are going to be doing like strictly trials then i would say 20 but if you really want to do MUni get the 24.

i do Muni on my trials, but thats cause im pouring all my money into the trials, and cause im so small it works fine for MUni.

to add a little more. I think you roll over stuff easier with a big wheel so for MUni i would say 24". Most of my UPD’s when i MUni are from hitting something and not rolling over it. And having decent speed and momentum kinda helps(in my opinion) I could see a trials unicycle being usefull though for like hopping over some bigger logs, but i still have managed all of that on my 24.