DX stand

I know theres alot of threads about this, but i couldnt find any… :angry:

But When i put my dx on the stand, i doesnt seem like it fits perfectly, will this put alot of stress on the frame?

You riding it puts a ton more stress on the frame than putting it in the stand.

k thanks :smiley:

The stand is too small for the DX frame. At the shop I bought mine at I got a fifty dollar discount because the stand had scratched the frame.

Mine doesnt fit either… Is that bad? :astonished:

It’s not really bad, it just scratches the frame a little when it’s on the stand. Torker didn’t design those stands for the DX

i got the DX stand to work…it sits on the crank arm instead of the bearing holder, but that was 2 years ago when unicyclists had better attention spans.