dx questions...

was thinking about a nimbus, but now that they are round crown, i’m looking at the DX.

some have said torker has a warranty, what is this warranty, and what does it cover, also under what circumstances?

i also know about the frame breaking issue, and 2007 is supposed to address that problem.

when do the 2007’s come out?


if the frame does break on a 2006, will they replace it w/ the new 2007 frame?

just wondering if i should wait, or go ahead and get one now…


I would wait and get the stronger '07 model. The '06 model is great but the frame breaking is anoying. i think the warrenty was for a year. hope this helps.

Just wait tell august, UDC will have the Nimbus II frames back.

But, if you are just gonna get the DX right now, good for ya. The warranty is actually lifetime, I think, I through my warranty booklet away, you should just email Torker and ask them aobut it, and find out what they will replace and what they wont replace.

Yes, the 2007 version of the DX is supposed to fix the frame breaking, I saw the pictures of it and it does looked beefed up, so I am sure the 2007 frame wont be braking at all.

I dont know when the 200 will come out, it may come out before 2007, or they will actually put it out in 2007.

If the 06 frame brakes, and you replace it before the 07 comes out, then your just gonna get the 06 frame again, but if you brake it and the 07 comes out within that time, I am sure you could request the 2007 and get it.

If you do get the DX, make sure to use frame safer inside the seatpost, thats where the rust will gather and weaken the metal, causing the snapping. Keep it dry, and rust free, and the frame will actually last quite a long time.

Torker is really good at replacing frames. My friend got a defective one when he got his DX (05 version) and asked how much it would cost to get the right one. They just sent him a new frame and let him keep the defective one.

…But they accidentally sent him an LX frame, so he notified them and they sent him the proper DX frame and let him keep the LX frame, too.

nah, the whole unicycle is warrantied for one year, but the frame has a lifetime warranty


i’m getting to the point where i dont really want to break my old uni, but want to start trying things that might… so want to get something that is sturdier.
does anyone who owns the DX, like it? or wish they got something else?

i have the dx and have been pleased… no major issues… although i am worried now about the frame… taken it off 4ft drops… but i am a light rider 140lbs…the rim and cranks seem great, the pedalsseem a bit easily bashed…

oh yeah
tighten the seat to the seat post bolts/nuts… i lost a couple(bolts) and spilled, grabbed the uni and gashed open my hand on the sharp exposed bolts…

I own it, and I love it!

When my frame broke, I just gave me a good excuse to upgrade to a nice black Nimbus II frame.

I have odne tons of drops and gaps, ranging from inches to 8 feet. Stair sets, grind, pedal grabs, crank grabs. The uni is a beast and is very strong.

Its a great choice.

Which can, and does, happen on ANY unicycle.

i thought i read somewhere on here, that someone who broke the frame, was already sent a 2007 replacement frame?