DX Plastic Pedals.

Are the DX Plastic Pedals a good choice for learning to grind? I have a Torker DX and I know that it uses 9/16 thread, and I saw a few others on the site with the same measurement.

I know it might be obvious to pick them since they say DX on them, but I was wondering if there is an off-brand model that would work better.


Before I try grinding, should I sand the little pegs down?

Just go to you Local Bike Store and get some cheap genaric plastic pedals but If you really want thoes you can get them.

Don’t sand them down.

use lx pedals if you have them. they are the best for grinding

I don’t think the DX unicycle has any real relation to the pedals…It probably just stands for “deluxe”.

Really? I may have to try the pair I have.

I’ve found the cheap plastic pedals at my LBS tend to crack or otherwise fall apart. The Odyssey Twisted plastics (available on UDC) are bomb proof and cheap.

I agree, they are my favorite pedals.

there are some cheap $12 composite pedals that are completely bombproof and grindable daily for years (so i hear from a guy who rides them)

The Odyssey Twisted PC pedals are fucking awesome. They have really good grip, so as long as you only grind one side, you’ll have really grippy pedals that slide like butter.

I have to disagree they are not really grippy. At least for me. My feet slipped off doing some trials, but hey they are street pedals. I do love them for street makes getting you feet straight so much easier.

I just made a grind plate, dont try taking out the pins, four dont come out on each side.