DX pedals

Right now I have Odessey Twisted pedals on my LX and I have a DX on its way from UDC. Are the stock pedals on the DX better than Twisteds or should I switch em?

do you prefer metal pinned or plastic pinned?

I dunno, I’ve only ever had the twisteds. What should I prefer :thinking:

their is no right answer. metal is commonly used for trials and Muni. plastic is commonly used for freestyle and street.
I prefer probably the twisted because the DX pedals are extremely grippy. though I like metal pedals more.
use whatever feels right to you though

the Dx pedals break if you grind on them without grindplates.
they are NOT grippy if your shoes arent.
i would use the twisted personally, I don’t like metal pins, and I have scars to prove it.
the DX pedals are fun, until your shoes wear out.

no the DX pedals are grippy in almost any situation.
I like the metal pinned and I have scars to prove it.

First of all everyone, the Twisteds come in both plastic and metal varieties. Second of all, I find the stock DX pedals very grippy, so much so I couldn’t comfortably adjust my foot. I switched them out for plastic twisteds which are less grippy but easier on your legs if unprotected.

For Muni/Trials, assuming you have leg protection, I would use the stock DX pedals, for street and otherwise I suggest the plastic twisteds.

I switched the stock Wellgo platforms for Jim Cielencki’s.

Much nicer pedal, not too much grip, not too little grip, lots of concave, larger platform.

Yeah, my twisteds are metal pinned.

ahaha you are so Jim C biased since u got those pedals LOL just cause they are yellow :stuck_out_tongue:

just goes to show you should never take part in unprotected unicycling.

No way, they’re so comfortable compared to every other pedal I have tried.

My BMX has VP-755’s, a friend has S&M 101 Pedals on his Unicycle, some WeThePeople pedals on another friends BMX… Kona’s, Axiom… all other pedals I have tried.

The Jim Cielencki’s just totally destroy every other pedal I have rode.

get your shoes covered in thick mud or your shoes are worn out, they will NOT grip
i have them, I know.