DX or KH?

Ok, i had my mind set on the KH but then i read a lot about the DX and how strong it is. Is it worth the extra 2 hundred dollars for the KH?

The DX is definitely a perfectly fine unicycle to start out with, but you will just find that the KH is lighter and as you get more and more experienced and go bigger, it may hold up better. However, for most people the DX has held up fine. It’s all about how much money you want to spend and how serious you are with the sport.

well right now i can free mount and ride along forever. i can turn, hop, hop onto things about 10 inches high but it is hard to go higher with a 24 in wheel i have now. i can also stall in one place and ride backwards about 10 feet. i can go off drops about a ft to a ft and a half high and want to go off higher with a better uni. I dont plan on buyin a new one after the one i buy soon for a long time. i just dont know about what to get.

Well if you have the extra money go for the KH, but the DX works just fine, It’s what I’ve been riding for over a year and I’ve yet to have an issue with it.

how much weight difference is there between the two unis? dus it really make that big of a difference when hopping?

I dont think so.

The weight difference is only about 2 pounds, or a tiny bit more.

When I went from my DX to a friends KH, it felt a lot lighter, but it didnt make me any better. I could do same stuff on it, that I do on my DX.

I think the dx is the heaviest trials you you can get and the kh is the lightest. The weight might not matter too much for trials but if you are going to do flatland/street stuff with unispins and tricks like that then it is so nice to have a light uni.

Yeah. I have a 20" DX and it rocks (well I guess anything would compared to my old CX :roll_eyes: ). I can do anything I want on it and it’s nice and hardy. Plus, the seat is a lot softer (well actually, this is another CX comparison) than my old one :roll_eyes: so I can do long rides pretty comfortably. My only complaint is the weight, but it really doesn’t affect my performance terribly. Maybe a few inches in jump height, but I really don’t NEED that much jump height. :smiley: I really wouldn’t know how the KH performs because I’ve never ridden one, but I’d say go for the DX unless you have an extra $200 to spare. (Who does? :wink: )

Oh, and you mentioned the strength. It’s definitely strong. I’m definitely not as much of a hardcore rider as some of you guys, but mine’s survived a LOT without a scratch. It’s perfect for me. :roll_eyes:

I’ve ridden my friends DX and my KH back-to-back and the weight difference does’nt really affect your riding unless your trying things like unispins and stuff kinda like what Spencer said

not a scratch ehh?
you care about your aesthetics a lot ehh?

my DX cranks click … if anything about a uni makes me annoyed like asfasdf thats it. IT SUCKS
other than that … I have messed up everything on my DX in some way.
but I beat the crap out of it :slight_smile:

go with the kh, you will be glad you bought it when you go more advanced and need a lighter uni. i;ve got one an d it is great, very durable.

“Buy the best and you will always be happy with it!” Get the KH. After a while you’ll forget the $200 but you’ll never look back and wish you had bought the DX.

One thing is that you can feel like you got hosed when first buying the KH but once you start improving quickly you start to accept the fact that you spent $500 bucks on a unicycle.

Why is it between Kh and Dx…why is K1 one not in the mix :wink: Lol K1 devils are bout the same weight differnt by only .05kg. They are more stylish, with diferent schemes to choose from, and you can choose either 125 cranks for street or 140 for trials, renegade will soon have the 135s on there site. So your not stuck with the one size on each, KH only has 137, and dx only comes with 127. And as for strength, they are pretty close to me, cept Koxx has the reinforced seat posts and I think(not 100%) that Kh is still using hte orig which I have broken in a matter of days with just average riding.

But as for Dx. STRONG. The frame is lack of a better word gay. but I replaced mine with a nimbus the week I got it. But with its strength and price, come with extra baggage…weight. Like spencer said Dx is the heaviest trials uni, Kh is “one” of the lightest.(Purple power is the lightest but lets NOT get in the disscussion of cost on that uni…please…). If you plan of having multiple styles to your riding and you dont want to hurt you back witha a bombproof tank. Check out renegade for there Koxx unis. But if you are tight on cash and dont want to spend 400 UDC has a pretty black and red torker :smiley:

Crap Cody, you have turned into a walking billboard.

:smiley: ohh yeah, no but im tired of everyone trying to choose between KH and Dx, wheres the kOxx@!

Just tell UDC what crank size you want on the KH and they’ll switch it probably at no extra cost.

If you eventually end up doing a lot of huge seat in drops you’ll eventually fatigue the alluminum on the KH frame, but there is only a handfull of people who have done that.

My two cents? Ride your 24 untill something breaks then get THE best, a KH. By then the KH geared hub will be out, add that, and you’ll have the choice of an effective wheel size of 20" or 30".

Edit: what kind of uni do you have now?

Does UDC still sell the KH cause its not on there site anymore…And does he make other crank sizes other than that of the larger unis?

Hey ya’ll. Yeah, UDC still sells the KH, but here is what happend. They order a large number (I forget how many) that should have lasted them till April. However, turns out they sold them all before Christmas. They are moving as fast as they can to get then back in stock. I think they took them down so that customers wouldn’t order and get frustrated with a long waiting time.

I think the reason Koxx isn’t in the mixx in the debate between KH and DX is because UDC doesn’t sell them. I asked them why a couple of months ago and it turns out that Koxx hasn’t done good business with them. For example. I think it was UDC in England would make an order and drive all the way to the factory to pick them up…but they wouldn’t have them produced. I believe this happend a couple of times and UDC doesn’t want their customers to be waiting for months to get their order. I know there are other retailers in the US that sell Koxx, but the everyday person doesn’t know about them. I agree though, Cody, that Koxx should hold a rightful place in the decition of a new purchase.

That makes sence, thanks man. But yeah thats why I post the link like I do so that people know where they can get them since UDC wont carry them. I asked Roger bout it myself a while back and he just said he dindt plan on carring them anytime soon lol