dx muni pedals questions

Hi everybody
I was wondering if anyone has any expierence with dx muni pedals.http://www.unicycle.com/unicycle-hardware/pedals/dx-pedals-2147.html
I am now riding nimbus studded muni pedals. 90 percent of my upd’s are because my foot slipped off the pedal. would these pedals be a good upgrade?

Those pedals have excellent grip due to the hollow threaded studs. In addition to great grip on the pedals they also excel in cutting skin. I would not recommend riding with them without wearing leg armor. I used to ride with them until I got a bad pedal bite and had to get 15 stitches in the back of my leg. I prefer metal pins that are not hollow or threaded.

wow that must have hurt. Just out of curiosity what were you riding ( terrain wise). i don’t wear leg armor but i have never had a problem with pedal bite before. thanks for writing back

I was just fooling around hoping up a curb and my foot came off. The pedal came around the back of leg and really dug in. I never had a problem on the trail before that but I decided it wasn’t worth the extra grip. I don’t like wearing leg armor.

I recently purchased DX Muni pedals (the same color: red) to replace the pedals on my new Qu-ax Cross 29. The grip is excellent, better than my Nimbus muni’s studded pedals, which I plan to swap out with DX pedals (might go with blue this time).

I, too, have been the victim of nasty pedal bite, from the Nimbus pedals, so I now wear lower-leg armor, thus denying the DX pedals an opportunity to inflict damage on my shins or calves.

In sum, I can highly recommend the product.

if yours nimbus are same shape than “KH first mount” look at this improvement.

on the leg armor subject i dont wear it ever and run super pined pedals like deity compound and JCPC and the DX muni pedals you are talking about. If you are careful and be consitent with were you keep your feet you should kill off alot of pedals bites.

@knoxuni: living up to your signature? :slight_smile:

All it takes is a minute error and your leg can be turned into hamburger with pinned pedals. Every time I have gotten bit I’ve been out ‘screwing around’ no real serious riding, thinking “oh I don’t need armor, I’m just tooling around in the street for a bit…”

Being careful has nothing to do with it… I’m going to have to disagree with knoxuni on this one and say of you ride with pinned pedals, better wear armor.

but like you said you go out to mess around and well i dont need armor and ya do get bit it happens. Also i havent goten a pedal bite in about 2 months

I have some of those. They’re heavier and thicker than more expensive pedals, but they grip well. They should solve your foot-slipping-off-the-pedal problem. I think they are a good value.

I disagree partially they are grippy pedals but so are any pinned pedal but they are very tall, a thinner pedal greatly reduces the pedal tipping on the back stroke which can be a big issue with coming of the pedal and causing the pedal to bite you in the back of the leg.

Nuke Proof Electron pedals are uber grippy, very thing so don’t tip, light and cheep and is what I would recommend for all types of riding (I have three pairs of them).

I agree with mr.feisty! or jcpc they are way sronger but thicker and gripper on a plus side

I have these pedals on Muni. They do have amazing grip, but the grip is almost too strong. The problem is if you do not get your feet exactly in the position you want when you start out, the studs will catch in your shoe rubber and it will be very difficult to re-position your feet without re-mounting

I love them :slight_smile:

MUNI Pedals

I have been using the Deity Compound pedals and loving them (339 grams). I think they are made by the same company and re-branded as Deity, NukeProof, Mesa V2.


10% off with DEITY-MANIA at checkout. Same site sells replacement spindles, pedal bodies and pin kits all reasonably priced.

I have about 100 miles of MUNI and paved bike path use on my first set of Compound’s with tons of UPD’s and ground strikes and they are still true and unbent. Very burly pedals.


I ran them and found a better alternitive for less
these are the excat same thing!

I am relatively new to uni, but have managed to bend 2 pedal spindles on regular style loose bearing pedals. I think its just because on a uni the pedals hit much more often than on bikes, so i switched to odyssey JC/PC pedals http://www.odysseybmx.com/catalog/pedals/jcpc/
They have insane grip, cheap rebuild, and huge spindle that doesn’t bend.

Ooh, nice find!

The only thing I don’t like about these Deity/Nukeproof/Ezra pedals are that the spindle is a little taller than the front and back, so you end up standing on the spindle instead of the whole pedal, and I get a little bit of the “hot spot” effect if I’m doing a lot of hopping etc.

Other pedals I’ve used are more concave, with the spindle lower than the rest, and it distributes the weight better.

But other than that, they’re nice and light, very grippy, seem well made and likely to be durable. And now cheaper than ever with the Ezra version!

Thanks for mentioning the Ezra pedals. I hadn’t seen that version of the Deity/Nukeproof. $30 and free shipping on orders over $15!

Thanks for mentioning the Ezra pedals. I hadn’t seen that version of the Deity/Nukeproof. $30 and free shipping on orders over $15!