DX is Here! But...

Well, it has arrived! It is all together and looks stunning :astonished: but there is one problem… One major problem.

The seatpost is too long, way too long. I have to go to my LBS and get it cut down, but I dont have a car and I am waiting for someone with one to get home and give me a ride. The seat post is currently up to my upper chest, and sticks almost a foot out of the end of the frame :astonished: !

More waiting… But now im going to see if my Norco post will fit into it. The norco saddle sucks, but its better than nothing! I managed to get on it and I was really high. I could easly touch a 8 foot high celing… More waiting = less fun :frowning:

if you have a hack saw laying around it will work.

really? I just hack it off? I guess I want it as long as possible without being too long? Maybe a bit less?

yeah just remember that it’s better to have to much than to little. Make a few cuts so that you know exactly how long you want it rather than one guess cut.

Well, someone will be home soon… I think its worth the trip to have it cut clean

Nah, it’s simple to do, you don’t have to worry about it cutting ragged. Just rub the end with some sandpaper when your done.

to save money just use pipe cutters u probally have one if u do some house repairs, it is this thing with a blade you spin around ur pipe… if u dont have one just bring it to u shop class at school, they must have on… it will save 10$

well, I did the stupid thing and took it to my LBS. They would not cut it there (despite the fact that it would only have took a minute or so) and now I wont have the thing till tomorow.

If you want I could probably do it, I’m busy tommorrow but I could do it on sunday. Cutting a seatpost isn’t hard at all, all you need is a pipe cutter, reciprocating or if you are barbaric you can use a hack saw.

Although it’s not a huge issue with the dx due to the closed bottom, don’t forget to file down the edges and the INSIDE edges of the cut tube as they will scratch up the inside of the frame and make it more likely to corrode.

same problem here, i just grabbed a hacksaw and took off 3 inches, luckily i know how to cut straight so it bearly looks like anything was done to it