dx hub?

what kind of hub does the torker dx come with, what company, and all that jazz

a 10 spline 1

ya, is there a company or is it a random mystery piece of shit

All it says is 10 splines, you might want to contact udc instead, I doubt anyone here knows what brand it is…

you know what, i think thats what ill do

torker makes the hubs themselves as far as I know. I think it’s just generic, but it’s really not that bad.

i was wonding the same thing and I e-mailed unicycle.com and asked them. when they e-mail me back i will tell you. Im checking it in a minute.

I think I read it was a cheap copy of the yellow Qu-ax hub. http://www.einradladen.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=6&products_id=330&osCsid=827fcf8e1cd3c0875d3381c13392b192
The Qu-ax hub is quite good but I don’t know if the torker hub has been manufactured to the same specification.


wow… torker dx’s have had splined hubs for ever… it’s a hub that torker my them self… just like how kh makes there own hubs…get it ? it’s pretty strong… look at the torker vid it shoes it can take more then enough abuse…

who makes kh hubs??? i heard that the new hk’s use kh/onza and the old ones were Aricle.
even kh has other people who he works with to bring us quality products. im sure sbs does the same thing for the torkers, im not sure who with tho

Seattle Bike Supply is just the distributer. Torker is an actual bike company, they produce their bikes and their unicycles, hub inclusive.

i dunno man. my 05 Dx hub looks huge compared to that.