DX freeride.

I bought a nimbus saddle for my DX and then put the DX saddle on my Sun 24" and now I’ve decided to cut away the foam and make it like the KH fusion freeride saddle.

Two questions!

  1. I’ve seen tutorials to make it a better street saddle, but one time a while back I saw a tutorial on how to make it like a freeride seat, anyone know where to locate it?

  2. Does anyone know if I could make the DX cover into a make-shift fusion cover with laces instead of staples. And if not does anyone know where to buy a cheap cover?


I found the tutorial, modified the seat seat to my liking AND made my own make-shift freeride cover.

thanks for all the help bitches! ^.^

you should have made it like the kh fusion street seat. it would have been better.

Nah, I have only use the saddle on my 24" inch beater thats only use is cruising

ooooh i see. 24’’ DX you said?

EDIT:never mind i misread it.

Nah, I learned on a Sun 24" and got a Torker DX 20" for christmas, I bought a nimbus gel saddle, and I put the od DX seat on the Sun, and today I modfied it.