DX frame is too heavy!!!

my new torker dx frame is too heavy… i can barely hop. im thinking of buying a different one. which opne will fit the torker bearing holders… can a KH fit it?
i would like an extremely light frame to make it as light as it can be… thank you all

p.s. its a 20" frame

I’m pretty sure that the newest KH frame won’t fit the torker bearings. I think the KH is meant for bearings of the 42mm OD dimension, whereas The Torker DX bearing has a 40mm OD and a 20mm ID. I could be wrong, but my sources were unicycle.com for the kh frame specs, and some other old thread here for the dx info. I’m pretty sure the Nimbus 2 would fit. You could ask unicycle.com to find out for sure. (1-800-unicycle would be best as they’re not great about emailing).

Are you blaming your inability to hop on the weight of your frame?

Try this:
Hold the unicycle off the ground, maybe hold it by the frame. Jump. Did you make it off the ground? How high can you jump with the unicycle in your hands? I’d say you could do some pretty big jumps.

What’s the point? The weight of the unicycle isn’t the reason you can “barely hop”…

Practice more! You can hop on a torker no prob… you just need to learn how!

I agree with maestro, and even if it is heavy, it will just make hopping on a lighter unicycle easier, build some muscle.

“i can barely ho” is a figure of speach… i can hop 28 inches but on my freinds unicycle i can hop way more!!!.. i just need it lighter to control my hop more

I tend to agree, instead of buying a new frame, take the time you would have spent paying it off and practice hopping. Not only will you probably build your hight up as high or higher than a lighter frame would have, you build strength and skill which can pay off later when you get a lighter uni.

I watched Alex Toms jump 85cm with an old style steel summit (I think) frame. They weigh a ton, same frame he did the 130cm pedal grab with as far as I know.


step 1- acquire drill and 1/2’’ drill bit
step 2- drill holes in frame

Shazam your frame is lighter!

Step 3: ruin your frame.
don’t do that.
build some muscle. Sorry if it sounds mean, it’s not supposed to… as was said earlier: when you get a new lighter uni, it’ll be easier to hop.

Well, you’re right, in a way, but wrong on principle. I rode a 20" united frame with 5/8" holes in the legs for about a month before I got my aluminum frame set up. However, anyone who reccomends using a 1/2" drill bit in 4130 steel with a hand held drill, no predrilling, and no cutting fluid has never drilled a frame before, or has wasted many 1/2" bits. That’s just not feasible.

The frame isn’t too heavy. Weight savings are an expensive attempt at improved hop height, when a couple of hours of practice are an adaquate replacement. Rob and Jason have it right… So what if you can jump some 2" higher on your friend’s unicycle? Will that actually open up any more trials lines, or will it just mean more bragging rights? you get the picture.

stop crying… give ryan atkins a 24" muni thats weight mre then ur dx and he’ll hop higher

How much do those DX 20’s weigh? That’s one of the few trials uni weights I don’t know.

Trials weigh in:
'05 KH - 12 lbs
'05 Onza - 13.22 lbs
'05 Qu Ax - 14.44 lbs
Summit - 14.87 lbs
'06 Torker DX - ?

Thats what I would like to know aswell.

I’m just wondering, how accurate are those figures? No one rides a unicycle with the same seatpost height… so most of te time the uni will end up slightly lighter.

Allthough that doesnt really matter…:stuck_out_tongue:

which frames are the lightest, Without the other components?

The Onza and the Summit I weighed on our shipping scale, the others I got off UDC. I’ll weigh my '05 KH and see if it’s the same as the UDC info.

Why does it has to be the frame?
And not the pedals, crankarms, hub, saddle, seatpost?
And most of all, why not all of them?
It’s not one part you need to change to save lots of weight…

Why don’t you cut your seatfoam, and save 100 grams, and above that, makes your saddle much more confty to hold on to…

girlon1wheel? I’ve used a summit my whole trials life. Get used to the weight thats what I did. If you weigh 250 lbs dont blame the frame for being heavy. I lost 40 lbs and that hasn’t helped much yet because I haven’t practiced much resently. The DX can’t weigh more then the summit either.

I wouldn’t drill I would mill slots. haha. Beavan is right about the drilling 1/2 holes bad idea to just straight drill through. Working in a maching shop is awesome.

lol… you know the dx is a half a pound heavier… figures…

…than what?

Bevs right, If you do deside to drill holes youl need a proper clamp/vise and a drill press or a milling machine.