DX fram snapped

my beloved torker DX frame snapped, this really sucks since i got this unicycle about 4 or 5 months ago and i saved for about 6 months to get this(my old uni snaped too)

gosh… any one else had this problem with there DX unicycle? will torker send me a new one? theyd better…

ill have pics up tomarrow

a coulple people have had trouble with this…

and my movie was almost finished… so now i wont be able to finish it.

yeah its totally gay

that sucks, howd it brake? muni? jumping?

Mine still is going great, ive done a lot of 3-5 foot drops, and i really dont think i will brake the frame where it brakes on everyone elses, cause i dont put a lot of stress on it =p

There’s no way torker will send you a new one, there is no warranty on their products, unless yo can prove it was due to defective construction or materials i.e. it was faulty when you bought it.

If the weld broke at the bottom of the seat tube, you can probably get it re-welded for cheap, and it’ll be better than new.

Well thats the thing, it is defectinve, every one of there frames are defective…I love torkers, but if oyu notice, all my torkers have yuni frames… They welded the seat post at an off angle so that if oyu land wrong it easily bends and breaks, sometimes not even from landing wrong. I got one rewelded by my friend Chris, and its better than new, but I later just baught a yuni frame, stronger and much lighter…

Ohh btw, Ive gone through like 2-3 torker frames…and the 2 yuni frames on my 20 and 24 are still holding strong!

By defective i meant an incorrect weld or the wrong grade of material used, the angle of the post is part of the deisgn, it’s just not a very strong design, but hey you knew that when you bought the thing.

torkers have there faults …but we will always have paris…lol

Has anyone complained to Torker that their frames are breaking? If no one tells them they have a poor frame design they will not know they need to change it. They might send you a replacement frame, manon1wheel, you have nothing lose by asking, but the time it takes to write them an email.


Get a Yuni frame, or a Summit frame if you can find one.

From the pictures I’ve seen, it’s where the seat tube meets the fork crown, right?
The top of the crown is flat sheet metal, and since it isn’t gusseted, it flexes. Eventually it fatigues. The metal should break on the crown side of the weld, through the metal of the crown, is that the case? Bad welds break down the middle, or seperate from the welded metal, while decent welds generally break alongside the weld, tearing through the welded metal.
It’s an engineering snafu. It just needs a gusset of some sort. Or better yet, if they used a larger radius die when bending the crown, making it round over the top, rather than flat with two tight radius corners. This would make the crown much more resistant to localized flexing and fatigue with a minor additional manufacturing process cost.

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why spend a bunch of money on a new frame, just re-weld it. i know some one who has welded their dx frame 3 times, its still good and waaaaay cheaper.

i have a Cyclepro uni. is that strong? i sorta want to know before i attempt big drops …

dont do big drops or your crankset is going to bend/twist.

ok guys, sorry i got grounded from the coputer for 3 days :roll_eyes:

well i would like to get a lighter frame than my last frame if they dont send me a new one. does the yuni frame fit my bearing size? i heard the torker bearing sizes were unique.
any way, thanks alot. and its gonna take a very long time to finish my video if i dont get my uni fixed soon :angry:

UDC has bearing shims to make them fit a 42mm frame.

didn’t they fix that in the 06 model or did that just kind of make it better?