dx for 229$

I just won an auction on ebay for a 2007 torker dx with buy it now price of 229$
I think there’s one more up there for anyone else that’s looking into it. happy bidding!.

I thought they were always around that price on ebay. They are at this ebay store for that…here
it says there are 71 available too.

woops my mistake! And I also just realized that I just bought the 06 version…

ehh its plenty strong, don’t worry about it

I actually just got one of those too, last night. I bid on another one, but someone took it to just above $230, after those others were listed.

ha! I think that was me! I bought it for $232.

yea but then you have to pay $20 additional shipping for the unicycle stand. so it really is only $10 less than udc. and i think udc is a little bit cheaper with shipping included.

somehow I keep double posting!!!

I got free shipping :smiley:

are you clicking post more than once?

So shipping is only for the stand?

the ebay site that spencer showed has shipping for the uni at $20, and then for the “high quality two-piece stand” is an extra $20. even though they probally put both of them in the same box.

Where does it say that? I basically combed through it before I bought it, and did so again just now, and found no such terms.

look at the bottom where it says “shipping, payment details, and return policy” it says (ground) shipping is $20 dollars, then in the next column it says +$20 for each additional item (the stand).

“Each additional item” is for each additional unicycle you buy - they have 71 left to “Buy It Now.” The single auctions, such as this one, don’t say that.

oooohhh. my bad. i guess i misunderstood that. sorry.

You get the stand even if you get it from unicycle.com. I don’t understand why they say it as if its special, I think all torker unicycles come with it.