dx drops

I recently got a torker dx, and i plan to start doing some more intense stuff the what i used to do, and i want to know, how high should the maximum drop height be for it? I’d like to not break it:)

i got one and it is really srong. i have did a few 4’ drops that I have landed wrong on and it is still good

I have done about 15 8 footer drops, and countless 6 footer and below drops, everything is going strong and true.

Once you are going higher than that, the DX will still hold up, but will start to bend and brake down, so watchout for the 10 foot drops and above.

Awesome! The heighest i have ever done was like 4’, and i definitly dont plan on going over 10’. Just one more question. What is the highest i should go without a rollout?

I have a torker dx 24", I dont know how to roll out, iv done drops from 3ft up to a 7, its held up fine.

A rollout is this: the moment your wheel hits the ground, you start pedaling. It helps transfer downward momentum forwards, so you dont put alot of stress on the axle, therefore increasing the life of you hub.

i think evan knows what a rollout is… but he just cant do one…

anyway. i have a tokrer dx and its still true after about a half a year of crappy riding and a year of pretty intense stuff. the only thing thats broken on it is the seat, pedals, and the frame.

so pretty much the only thing good on it is the wheelset. it is amazingly strong for how cheap it is. im happy with it, but now that ive gotten my blueberry its not very good…

so i would suggest nothing more than 6 foot drops if your more than 150lbs.

im 120 and ive done 10’… it was scary. and i didnt land it.

I can do 8’ drops on mine. gunna trie 9’ though… :sunglasses:

im not going to try anything above 10’. even though i only weigh 90 pounds i dont want to reck my new uni. amanda, how did the seat break? where? im thinking of getting a nimbus gel when i bust my current velo. are the nibus gels any good. i want a realy stiff seat.

At ten feet I’d be more worried about breaking a leg than breaking the unicycle.

Same here :astonished: thats a massive drop bt ryan could do it coz hes awesome :sunglasses:

at ten feet i’d definitly be more worried about the uni than me. anyway, back to my lod question. is the nimbus seat good and very stiff?