dx cranks

how do you take off old dx cranks?

you undo the pinch bolt and the axe bolt, then pull it off, be creative if needed. hammer claws are known to work for this problem

or use a cutting torch.

they ave crank removal tools too.

I just unscrew both bolts, and take it off, mine is really easy, but I think it should be harder since it’s all rusted and there’s no grease on it:p

One of the things that I have noted with DX splined hubs is the fact that many of them came with an abundance of paint over spray on the splines which made removal (and reinstallation) of the cranks a bit tricky.

In theory you should be able to just undo the pinch bolt & crank bolt & wiggle / pull them off, but on two of the three units that I worked on a puller was required to get them off even after slightly attempting to spread the open slot of the crank arm. If your having trouble it could be due to this situation.