Dx cranks=ouch

Ok i’ve noticed recently that the torker dx cranks have wee little nobby thingers and man do they hurt when youland somthing wrong off an 8 set. So what cranks would be compatable with the dx hub? I’m not looking into this seriously but If I find a good deal I might take it.

Though I could be wrong, I saw a thread a while back on this subject and someone said something like the bmx redline cranks are the only ones that will fit. Those only come in 175mm or 180mm which I think is way too long unless your strictly riding uphills.

So i’d say just be more careful and practice more to reduce the risk of landing an 8 set wrong…

I might be wrong but i think the 05 KH cranks work. I wouldnt count on it but they might fit. Other than that just live with it because they arent that bad.

The only cranks I know that fit it are ones from redline, but that would be way to big for a 20inch. It would work for a muni. It would give you tons of torque.

If they bother you a lot go out and buy some 661 ankle biters. They are designed specifically to protect your ankles, mainly from the cranks hitting them. They work perfectly.

The dx does have a redline only spindle. you can use only DX cranks. besides, getting the ankle protectors would be a lot cheaper.:slight_smile:

yeah I suppose i’ll just get ankle biters.

Dude, '05 KH cranks are 36 spline. DX are 10 spline.

O yeah, Jerrick, you said somewhere that you ride 145 cranks, but you ride a DX. Where did you get those?

What the??? 36 spline? that’s gotta be wrong! show me pics.

Never mind, I see. you’re right:o. wouldn’t those strip easy with such small splines. That reminds me, I should change my socks more often. every time I stick my foot in my mouth it tastes really bad:p.

I remember that. It was a typo though. DX cranks are 125s or 127s.

I have ridden 145s, and dont find too much of a difference from the DX cranks.

Actually because profiles, if measured, go to 150, that what I have ridden on. Even though the site says 145s.

Nope. Not once have I heard of splines stripping. Profiles have 48 splines and they are also one of the strongest crank/hubset.

uhh i disagree they ARE the strongest hub/crankset
I was talking to a guy at the bikeshop and he said that the potnazer? hub is not the strongest, they make another that is … but they only make it for bikes

bleeding ankles is a common thing for me

I use my dx for muni but I’ve never had any problems with them. My dad has sixsixone ankle biters and he has no complaints. how much do they cost?

Since puting on Qu-Ax 170 mm cranks on my 24" DX I no longer have problems hitting the cranks (it happened all the time before w/ the stock 150mm). 170 mm is way too long on 20, unless it’s strickly for trials.

I now have a lot more control and it’s not much slower.

Qu-ax cranks fit on a DX hub?!

no… Qu-ax is 10 spline and DX is 8 spline?

no. both 10 spline but the dx is redline only

i think my DX is 8 splined ('05)

So basically, don’t do 8 sets anymore until you’ve practiced, and gotten good at landing 8 sets.

Wait a minute…

I have the same problem, bcdude…the inside of my ankles are filled with scars from slipping while hopping. That really hurts, because it’s just thin skin over bone.

I thought Dx was 10 spline…?

the new ones apparently are, but mine is 8 splined (I think)