DX crank nubs removed.

I bought some 2004 KH crank bolts from Darren.

I got 2 for my bike, which has Specialized cranks, and 2 for the DX.

These were a bit harder than what Evan Byrne did.

Because I am grinding a nub where the bolt sits on top, I had to do it without the bolt in, and make sure it was flat.

Another obstacle was making sure the back of the bolt didn’t hit the spindle and bottom out before it held the crank in place. I could buy some spacers, or machine the back of the bolt…

What I plan on doing when I go back to school is to mill the crank nub completely off, and machine the bolts so sit inside the crank and hold it on the same way as the stock bolts do.

I did the same thing but ground off 1-1.5 mm more. I used the shop’s grinding wheel, and then a belt sander and an aluminum block on the hub side to keep it vertical.

I also scraped off all the powder coating w/ their wire wheel, then painted w/ a reflective clear coat. The paint has almost no reflective qualities. Although the bare metal look is kind of cool, I think a crome, or some other color paint would have looked better.

Can you post any pictures of yours?

Sorry no camera, and my friends don’t want to lend me their nice new digital.

But I’ve been wanting to get a new digital. Maybe the beginning of September, when I get my next paycheck.

I hope to see some pictures then :slight_smile:

I’m getting a new camera for Christmas hopefully.