DX Crank Axle interface

Hey all,

The other night I was switching out the cranks on my 06 DX. Later on, when I was putting the cranks back on, I noticed that with the bearing and spacers all on, the crank was only going onto the axle about 3/4 of the way. Before, I had not noticed if they went on all the way, but they do on my 07 DX.

Could someone with an 06 DX (preferably the trials) take out the crank bolt and check to see how far the crank gets seated on the axle?


Show us a picture? The 07 has the same exact hub and crank so it should be the same fit.

or post one :stuck_out_tongue:

There. As you can see, the splines stick up a little bit, meaning the cranks aren’t fully on the axle. The cranks do tighten down though.

uni stuff 002.jpg

uni stuff 001.jpg

Clean out all the dirt and dust in there and try again. Might be a good idea to lube it up too.

Check out this video tutorial from Borgschulze: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NRikdARhLA

Yeah, I did that the other night. It just looks dirty from the grey anti-sieze.

I just checked on my 06 DX. I have the same splines not being fully covered inside the crank.

I removed the spacers from axle and put the crank back on, and the splines were fully covered, but the crank was coming just a mm from hitting my frame. It still would rotate though.

Not having the splines fully covered hasn’t bothered me, or made my uni any weaker. It has held up for the year I have had it, and still doing great. Cranks still straight.

If it really bothers you, im sure you can take the spacers off and then put your crank back on. I have 2 then spacers and one thick one, and took all 3 off, and had very little room from the frame to the crank. It was almost hitting the side. You could take the big spacer off and keep the 2 small ones on, and that should give enough clearance.

Ride on. =p

Mine also sit a bit off of the axel.

No big deal really…

I might just take out a spacer on mine, I have to rotate and clean my splines by like yesterday anyways.

EDIT: Mine actually does not have a space on the axel interface.

Thanks! Thats, thats exactly what I was looking for. It doesn’t bother me, I just wanted to make sure, because on the 07 axle it doesn’t do that, and I didn’t remember for the 06 model.

Yeah, mine has about a 1/2 mm space…