DX 24 Muni Frame Break

My riding buddy, Gary, has a DX muni, and the frame broke last week–same place as on most of the DX 20s, right where the seat tube attaches to the crown. He’s been on it for a little over a year, and he’s not what I’d call gentle on his equipment. Anyway, I had my son’s old DX frame gathering dust in the garage, so he’s using that now.

I know that the DX20 frame has had a long history of breaking, but I don’t remember anybody else posting about the breaking of a DX 24, so I figured I’d post about it. He’s looking into getting a warranty replacement. He originally bought from UDC, so should he go through them or go straight to Torker?


I believe you’re supposed to go straight through Torker. Im not positive though

i’d go through torker. unfortunatly, the two times my muni broke they wern’t helpfull at all. i really hope that you have better luck!!

Maybe they were overflowed with orders or understocked or something like that. :smiley: :smiley: I’d say to give it a 3rd try. Like they say 3rd time’s a charm. :smiley:

torker is set up to handle dealers only, but if you go through udc you pay double shipping.
i would call torker THEY have me PISSED OFF because they won’t replace my axle/hub and it has keyway slop

the number is really right below this writing, invisible. it took me like 3 hours just to figure it out.