dx 20-in or dx 24-in... or other

i’ve already posted this thread but i only got 2 hits on it i thought another one would be better

i’m getting into trials and i was wonder, should i get a dx 20-in or a dx 24-in or should i get a different/ better uni. my price range is up to $300

Ok, first please dont post the same thing twice again :slight_smile: .

Anyway, if you can answer these questions, I can help more:
Can you ride a unicycle yet?
How much do you weigh? (approx.)
What style of unicycling do you want to do? (trials, muni)

Trials + $300 = 20 in. Torker DX!
E-bay or Unicycle.com!

The reason you only got 2 replies on your last thread is becasue its sort of a yes or no question, if you want to do trials then get a trials uni, 20". For a $300 buget you can’t really get anything splined other than a torker dx.

get a 20. matt I like ur signature :stuck_out_tongue: