dx '05

hey, im looking to buy a torker dx pretty soon. i just found a website that is selling to '05 model for only $190 USD and im wondering if i should go for that or go for the '06 model and pay full price. please i need help as soon as possible all help appreciated. thanks!

if you want to do trials gett the 06 if freestyle or street is your ting get the05

If you want a real trials uni then the 06/07 DX is the only way to go in the way of Torker Unis…the 05 DX is a glorified Freestyle uni.

If you want to hop higher or do some trials or offraoding with it get the 06. I used to use the 05 and I modified it into a trials later. But if you are into doing street and freestyle along with some big drops than the 05 will do you just fine, but if you want to get into trials then you should highly consider the 06

ok thanks guy. trials is my thing so im gonna go with the '06!

would it be cheaper to mod the 05 into an 06 ??
than to buy the '06

I’m pretty sure that a trials tire won’t fit on it, but if you could it would probably cost about the same. The new ones are only about $60 more anyway, which is about the same as buying a fat rim and tire new.

EDIT: If you haven’t bought the '06 version yet, be sure to get it here for a super cheap price

wow, its that cheap?
I thought it would be closer to $100
at least 80

but the frame holds a 3" tire