DVD: Union

today i recieved my copy of Union.
I watched it with high expectings.
But after i was very disappointed about it :frowning:
I don’t like to say this.

What are your experiences with this movie ? :thinking:

What exactly didn’t you like about it?
What would you do better?

The riders were good, VERY GOOD!
but If i compare Union with Defect :o ,Union is a bit weak
The music didn’t match with the “unicycle-atmosfeer”, it was sort of MIDI-file style.
The story they putted in the movie is bad acted and not so clear.
again, i realy-realy don’t want to hurt the feelings of people who are envalved with the movie but i spendt my pocketmoney on this DVD and didn’t had the WOW-feeling when i was watching it at all:(

Dont want to make a big point of this but i just wanted to say what i think of this dvd.
The rider did tricks i didn’t even knew they existed, that was very surprising.
but the tricks aren’t that spectaculair anymore because of the music and “acted” parts.
really sory to say these things but it’s my thought of it :slight_smile:

i like it. it’s funny, it’s colorful, it’s lovely, and well filmed. although the unicycling might not be ground breaking, it shows decent riding, a lot of different styles and very creative tricks. and i bet you haven’t seen all of it.

Well, Union is NOT Defect. That’s the thing: It doesn’t try to be defect. It tries to be different.

I think the music is far away from midi file style. it’s been esspecially created for the movie, but as you can imagine, buying music is not very cheap. Furthermore we liked the idea of NOT playing the hardest rock music, as you see it in nearly every uni movie. We liked the idea of coming up with something different.

I’m sorry for you that it didn’t meet your expectations.

that’s cool.

Many people think different to you. But that’s an opinion, and I respect that.


hello bailingmarne.
it´s good to present your own opinion. but perhaps you are not open for new movies. as you like and think that defect is perfect you probably don´t want be fond of other unicycling dvds.
defect very good, especially the hidden tracks. but i am also really sold of union. it is exciting with good perpectives and good riders. it is something different. my new favorite word in english, that somebody told me, is awesome and it fits with union.
suggestion: watch it again without comparing it because it´s something different with it´s own trumps.
greets janina

Maybe you’re wright. :roll_eyes:
I hadn’t thought about it that way, that Union wants to be a diffrent movie.
Sorry that i may have judged to quick:o
I’m gonne watch it a couple more times, that might set me to other thoughts.
Btw, this movie contains lots of exclusive tricks i never saw before in any other movie, A big YEAH for that!

I think Wogri really deserves credit for coming up with a movie that has a unique style. It takes courage and imagination to try something different instead of “playing it save” with some rap/hardrock.
Of course it’s a matter of personal taste, just like many of the best things in life :slight_smile:

Every unicycle movie in existence would have a hard time when it’s compared to Defect, because Defect is so gigantic.

I really like Union :slight_smile:

Whats union?

A unicycling DVD.


Good job, forum newbie.

Check again. :smiley:

I THOUGHT IT QUITE GUT! ooops capslock on!, but anyways the story line was rwally easy to folllow what are you talking about???

im oudy

I’d really like to get this vid. Where can I buy it in the US?

The only vids I’ve seen that have a story line in them are 4 AM Forever (I think that’s right) and Jeff Groves bit in Defect.

Edit: there was one funny trials vid with a clown in it and I think Wogri made it. Am I right on that?

is there a trailer on youtube or something for it?


Darren Bedford should receive it this week. Amy from Unicycle.com didn’t write back to me for 2 or 3 weeks now. If anybody knows her personally, I’m still waiting for an answer…


I applaud this film for breaking ground into mainstream story telling. Union may have failed your limited expectations, but its exploring ways to bring our sport to the masses; admire that.

I have Union and I think it’s a great DVD.

I also didn’t like it very much in the beginning, but it grew on me over time. The music is very nice and I simply love the intro with baroque/hard-rock intermissions.

Highly recommendable.