DVD trailer of MOAB uni riding

Unexpected Failure Productions presents:

The Iowa State University Unicycling Club (ISUUC) goes to Moab DVD trailer.

For those of you that haven’t ever seen Moab and want to know what to expect, check this out. It’s decent/good muni and trials riding and great scenery. This is of our Thanksgiving trip, not munifest.

The trailer is: (see if you can spot the celebrity cameo) http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=173636&g2_GALLERYSID=e5fc81b36e46930426c13de8245c3f74
it’s 2:45, 23megs, and encoded in DIVX.

The extras from the DVD (conversations at Moab and base jumping) are available at http://www.unexpectedfailure.com under “shorts.”

If anyone wants a full copy of the DVD (30 minutes) PM me and I’ll get you one for cost of materials and shipping.

looks awesome! but then again i’m in most of it.

Neat! 'cept, I was expecting it to be of a munifest…:slight_smile:

You should go to the munifest this year, and make another DVD or make it longer…

We have to plan our trips around school breaks for the guys that are still in school. That doesn’t neccisarily line up with munifest. :frowning:

and those of us with semi0real jobs have problems getting time off…and i’m poor. i’m already planning to plan to go next year.

according to your sig. your unemplyed :roll_eyes:

that’s a older sig, and well, yeah, i’m not now. still broke but i have a job. i should fix that. the sig, not the job.

Anyway, nice trailer, but that one guy just dwarfs that little 20" trials (it is a 20"?) he must be a tall guy. Looks like a 24" would better suit him…:slight_smile:

That’s on the slickrock practice loop right? wow, I don’t remember there being so many trials lines…

Some slick rock, some Amasaback, some Klondike Bluffs. Most of the trailer is from slickrock though. We spent an entire day doing trials out there, and there were hundreds more lines.