[dvd teaser] unicycling is not a crime

Great Boboussse

I cant believe I just read every single rider profile. Its all so professional looking, even the photos of their faces haha, everything you have detailed is awesome.

ah, and for those who already knows that they’re willing to buy one, just send me an email through the contact page to let me know about it :wink:

[dvd teaser] unicycling is not a crime

Wooo…Great video…Looking for the more DVD’s…

check out the latest news :wink:

if you wanna get your own copy of the dvd, it’s now possible!
check out here: www.unicycling-is-not-a-crime.com/webstore

I’d start another thread for this. everyone’s seen the trailer and they’re not going to click it again

I’d create 20 threads for this. SPAM EVERYWHERE!!!

I have to say it was kinda hard to watch this…

…BECAUSE I FORGOT TO BREATHE!!! freaking awesome. Gonna be my christmas present.

I already ordered my copy on municycle.com. Can’t wait to get it!