[dvd teaser] unicycling is not a crime

here you go it’s all in the title

Too f*cking SICK… Can’t wait for the DVD to get out!!!
who is the guy doing a frontflip on muni and the guy on the BC wheel?

Insane! So many awesome riders! I’m sure the DVD will be amazing!

Grats Bobousse! huge project starting to come to a close and it looks great! cant wait for the full DVD :slight_smile:

I’ll ask on this thread too… how do I recorder? And again thank you for going through the work for this. It looks like it is going to amazing.

hand plant on BC wheel?! and the front flip. i have unicycle blue balls from that teaser can i call dibs on first copy.

I meant pre order not recorder… silly phones.

I think that it is hard to imagine all the work Bobousse put down on this.
The dvd will be so awesome!!

This looks like it was quite an undertaking, with a span of really impressive riders. How long has it taken to produce (from conception to final product)?

I really look forward to the full DVD!

Will this be avalible in the Uk ?

Looks amazing seriously !

:astonished: That stuff is just insane :astonished:

thanks for the comments guys! :wink:

That’s just nuts

& the US?

wheres the name comes from?
unicycling is a crime some were? (i just wanna know not hating or anything like that)

you’ll know all about the choice of the title as soon as the website comes out


website’s gonna be released in some days :wink:

Good stuff :slight_smile:

just text at the end seems to be a bit for me like:
Unicycling is not a crime… it’s just a beginning [of a crime]

Looking great!
I hope you can include some commentary and extras on the DVD.
Catalunya I had to look up - Spain. Always interesting to include locations from around the world.
I’d hoped to see Canada on the list… oh well.

hey everyone!
finally the website of the project is out, it’l help you to wait for the dvd to come out!