DVD Filming: Sarnia, Ont. Sun 14th

If you can make it to Sarnia for sunday, we will be doing some urban filming at the waterfront, the airport, and MUni at a new NorthShore type of trail that just opened

be there and ready to ride for 2 sharp, as we need to cross a live runway!

you’ll just take the airport road exit off the 402 and head north a very short distance…you will see a large yellowish building ‘Huron Flight Centre’ straight ahead…slightly to the left…that’s the meeting spot!

Re: DVD Filming: Sarnia, Ont. Sun 14th

just look for the wardrobe

i don’t get it

I didn’t get it either at first, but Dave MIGHT mean that if someone is trying to find the meeting spot, they should just look around for a group of people dressed funny (armor, etc.).

Keep posting these announcements – one of these days I’ll make the trip up.

C.S.Lewis…If you enjoy him you’ll most likely enjoy alan garner…the weird stone of brasingamen


I stand corrected. The filming will take place in Narnia, not Sarnia.

did u get my PM?

ahhhhhh, ‘Narnia’ I get it now , very clever.

Dave, you made it to NY, you’re in the film more than GILD is

the ride times have been modified:

9am at the waterfront

11am in Petrolia for the northshore stuff

2pm at the airport

Thanks, but my interest is only to meet up with you guys and have fun. NOT to show the entire world just how mediocre I ride a unicycle. So, just how much is GILD in the video? :slight_smile:

(say hello to Mrs. Sofa for me, eh?)

Have fun!

yeah, pray tell?

GILD is in us all, although not captured on film this time around.

Sarnia casualties:

broken toe

smashed finger

sprained ankle

smashed spine (only this one is in the movie)

bitten fingernail

broken stunt

someone’s been paying attention