Dutch video: "Balance"

A new vid from the guys at EenWiel.nl, once again, Dustin takes to the street to grind pretty much anything, and Tristan takes to the heights, in search of more triallines.

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nice hops!

tristan is really good at trials

the video is great!

Awesome. I really like it

I acually laughed when you grinded the shopping cart

Awesome. I like that most is done with a 24":slight_smile:

that was awesome.
good mix of trials and street.
well done.
oh yeah, and i liked the non lyrical music.


Thanks for telling me you posted my vid :wink: I had to do a presentation about unicycling, so I made a quick video, Tristan’s part is pretty good. He pulls some nice trial lines, we couldn’t film much at our last meeting so it’s basically Tristan and me, my part is a bit crud as it’s mostly grinds, never really bothered with filming any other stuff.

Haha, yeah, they all said I should try it so I gave it a shot, I like grinding silly things, best so far is a car, I’ve always been wanting to grind a bike but it’s going to be a bit difficult.

None of the riding is done on a 24", you must be mistaken :thinking:

Really? I think there was a 24" QU-AX somewhere in there. I’ll watch it again:D

Great vid. I me too on the lyricless music.

I also liked the acid drop? after the failed uni whip on the ping-pong table at the end.

I liked the music very much, both riders where awsome. I can grind nothing :(.

wicked video guys, rly well done everyone

ha ha dustin is a street rider dustin is a street rider!


So, it seems that the blue men group cannot grind.


cool vid. I also liked the shopping cart grind. what was the music being played?