Dutch Mountain Unicycling Weekend report

Mountains in the Netherlands? Well, everything is relative.

Jorga and I had a blast at the seventh edition of the Mountain
Unicycling Weekend Limburg. Pictorial report (21 photos) on

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Re: Dutch Mountain Unicycling Weekend report

Only one of the pictures on the web page is showing up for me. Are all of the pictures uploaded?

Same here Klaas. All but one are broken images.


Re: Re: Dutch Mountain Unicycling Weekend report

Thanks for alerting me John and Jason. It should be corrected now. My pics had a JPG extension for some reason but were referred to as jpg in the html code. Yet, locally, IE5 had no problem with displaying them but via the web it didn’t work.

Klaas Bil

Wow! Nice pics. Looks like a great time for everyone. Especially good to see all the kids out. I also think the trials area looks like fun. Thanks for sharing.


Klaas, thanks for sharing. These pictures are great. I need to get myself a digi camera sometime soon. I’m ashamed at how few pictures I took on our last big outing. I like the looks of those double wide stairs near the end…those are more my speed than the steep ones in the earlier shot.