Dutch 24 hour record attempt, 31 August

If anyone is interested to know, I’m planning an attempt to break the Dutch 24-hour distance record. I’ve gotten special permission as a unicyclist to join www.raps24kika.nl, a 24-hour fundraiser event for child cancer research. Apart from me, there will only be inline skaters, some 200 of them but most are riding as relay teams. The nice thing about such an organised event is having things like chiptiming, massage team, track lighting during dark hours, toilets, etc, all for a relatively modest registration fee. The event starts Friday 31 August at 14:30 local time, and ends Saturday at the same time. The cycling circuit is a little bit over 1200 m long, smooth and almost flat asphalt. I will ride a geared 36" with 165 mm cranks.

The current record (from 2005) stands at 103.7 km, which I think is too low to stand as 24-hour record even on a national level. I plan to surpass that distance before midnight, and hopefully double it in the remaining time. Apart from saddle soreness and tired quads, my biggest concern is about wind, as the track is located in quite open country side.

Oh, and if anyone wants to buy lottery tickets through me to support the charity?

Good luck.
Eat lots!

Good luck Klaas :slight_smile:

Good luck Klaas! I hope you enjoy joining the elite group of 24 hour unicyclists. We look forward to hearing how it goes.


wow, that’s great! Good luck, you’re gonna beat the record by far!

Good luck Klaas!

Go hard!

Cool! Didn’t knew Ferko had / has it.
On above website I found this page: klaas24.tk (Google Translate fun alert).

Great, Klaas! This will end up being a good story to tell to you grandchildren! :slight_smile:

Proably it would be sensible to have regular breaks right from the beginning. 24h is a long time to keep going. You will make it!

I wish you good luck! Looking forward to reading about you experience!

Good luck Klaas! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.


Awesome, hammer it.

Thanks for all the encouragement folks! The start is in about 16 hours from now. I’m gonna do my best to set a strong record. Nowhere near the world record but significantly above the current Dutch one. For the first part of the 24 hours, strong winds are forecast, hmmm not nice. Other than that, all signs are green. My support team is lined up, my unicycles are in good shape and so am I. No live updates here or anywhere, but I’ll get back here as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

Take that record down, Klaas. Do it for the oldies.

good luck!

…quite curious!!

…Enne ouwe rot…
heb je het gehaald??
Ben reuze benieuwd…
Misschien een uitdaging voor mij om jou weer te verslaan!!!
Spread the word!!

Hi all,

There is no official result yet because not all data have been analysed properly yet, but the preliminary result is that I covered 311.949 km within a 24-hour period on 31 August and 1 September. (That’s 193.836 in miles, for the metrically challenged.) Nowhere near Sam Wakeling’s world record of 453.6 km but still more than I had hoped for.

Initially everything ran smoothly, the first few hours I rode an average of 21 km/h (about 13 mi/h), in spite of rather strong winds. In the evening the wind dropped gradually. During the dark hours (about 21:00 to 06:30) it turned out that the track was rather poorly lit, some stretches were almost totally dark. As a consequence, balance corrections were more numerous and generally larger, so I couldn’t really ride relaxed anymore. In the last part of the 24 hours, I was that much tired that high gear riding cost too much effort. In low gear my speed dropped below 15 km/u, and indeed I needed more frequent rest stops.

My support team was fantastic! The full 24 hours I just had to call them through walkie talkie to indicate what I needed, be it food, drinks or information about lap times etc.

From the Raps24KiKa organisation, and from the other participants (inline skaters) I got a lot of compliments and encouragement. That surely contributed to my motivation.

The Schlumpf 36 got through this endurance test with flying colours, with no hickup at all. I myself had quite some lower back pain towards the end. In addition, after about 14 hours I sprained my ankle somewhat during a failed dismount (unintentional coast). A first aid guy taped it in, but although he did a good job it remained sensitive at every pedal revolution.

I’ll post again with pictures and some more numbers once I have them.

Amazing feat!

Protiet! (I hope that’s the right word for Congratulations, got that from my Flemish mother in law)

You rock, you old relic. Did you use your inclinometer during the ride?

Absolutely nuts, congratulations!

Awesome job! Congratulations and keep it up! :slight_smile:

Absolutely amazing. I once did 200 miles in 24 hours on a multi-speed bike and that was more than enough for me, in my mid 20s. You did nearly 200 miles on a unicycle. You da man!