Dustin's back on the circuit

Once again, we were honored to have Katie Kelm and her sidekick, Dustin, grace our dusty little farm town of Rochelle with their presence last night. Katie and that other guy rode into town on the old grey mare Tuesday afternoon (Carol, your sig is still visible) for a performance at our church last night and once again accomplished a wow’ing performance before a big crowd of wow’sters.

Dustin’s unicycle skills are fairly good :slight_smile: but are nothing compared to the impact of the testimony of his life story. If you’ve never had the opportunity to see and hear Dustin perform in person, I highly recommend you seek out the first opportunity to do so (info at http://www.dustinkelm.com). His story is amazing and extremely inspirational.

D & K occupied our Jayco “guest room” last night then left this afternoon (Wed.) for a series of performances in the Terra Haute, Indiana area, then will move on toward Georgia.

Attached is a picture from last night. The bottom photo is of Ben and Brad but also is the only picture of Katie from last night that turned out. She’s in the background setting up the display table.


Oh yes, I remember signing Dustin’s van (in Seattle) with a black marker. I was one of many people who decorated the van with a signature at that time.

Dustin is amazing. Very nice to see him performing again.