dust caps

The plastic dust caps on my unicycle keep popping off. I had the same problem on my old unicycle, but I eventually lost them, and didn’t have to keep worrying about them. They don’t seem to screw in–they just pop in, and consequently, seem to pop out just as easily. Is there some way to keep these things in?

You need to find dust caps that actually thread on rather than press on.

Best bet is for actual metal dust caps that thread on. They’ll stay in place. They won’t pop out. There are some good quality plastic dust caps that won’t fall out, but most plastic ones are not good quality.

The problem is finding the proper metal dust caps. They’re old-school now. Bikes are now using self-extracting crank bolts that have an integrated dust cap. So the old style quality metal dust caps can be hard to find now.

UDC USA has some that I think are metal but I’m not sure.

Or ask around at local bike shops, especially shops that carry used bicycle equipment. eBay is another source.

These will help you!
In my younger days, I use to have may euro valve “locked” by tightining them with two pliers at home (so they could’nt be opened barehanded at school).

If you fit allen bolts to your cranks then you don’t need dust caps. They look good and can easily be tightened / removed with an allen key. I have some on my 36er and might switch some other unis to use those instead of metal dust caps…

It may be because English is not my native language, but I guess you made a msitake in what you were writing?

More specifically I was referring to these:

Which have a plastic spacer to fill the space within the crank. This removes the need for a dustcap, and means you don’t need to use a socket to remove the crank bolt - you can use an 8mm allen key instead.

Okay, got it I was mixing valve-cap and dust-cap, as the 1st post did not had too much context to me AND the main purpose of a valve-cap is preventing dust and dirt to get in.

I also assumed the same as you. Looking back, the only clue though was the reference to dust caps not a dust cap. There’s not many things on a unicycle that are in multiples!

STM - now wondering if the OP has a 2 wheeled unicycle:D

For plastic dust caps, use a bit of locktite. This works with caps whose threads are stripped and also on caps that have no thread. Since they are plastic, they can still be easily pried off, but they stick well until then. Any strength of locktite does the trick.

Ariplane or model glue would probably work just as well!