Düsseldorf in 1 Week!

Any advice? :slight_smile: From the pros or anyone for that matter. Anything is appreciated.


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Good luck!



As a rider who has competed in the past two Düsseldorf unicycle marathon’s here are a few things …

The course is almost completely flat except for a little bump on the bridge as you go over the Rhine River. You’re legs will likely feel this more on the way back.

Be mindful of the streetcar tracks, especially on the corners if you’re on geared 36’er.

The course is extremely well marked with barriers and officials providing guidance, given that it’s an international running marathon too. I wouldn’t concern yourself with memorizing turn by turn. (based on last year’s mess up Knut may beg to differ)

Ride at your own pace, especially in the beginning.

Be mindful of the wind. Last year was very windy.

There are couple short sections with pavé. Pick your line wisely. They aren’t too bad, but I seem to recall a few dips and bumps in them.

Bring food and drink. Both for during the race and just after. In past years they weren’t handing out isotonic drinks or bananas to unicyclists on the course … only water. Prepare to be self sufficient while riding, but don’t over pack.

Have fun and enjoy. It’s pretty rare to have the opportunity to have free reign to ride through the streets of a large city without any traffic.

Wish I could be there again this year it’s a fantastic event, but it was a toss up between Düsseldorf or Unicon.


Whoa! Who is considered a Pro for long distance unicycling? I’m definitely amateur, as I haven’t even gotten paid to ride distance.

General advice from marathon world champions: Get a geared KH 36. Be consistent on shifting, however, the flat course for Dusseldorf means you probably won’t shift at all. Lean slightly forward and tuck under the wind. Draft behind tall people who have an upright stance, but don’t let your wheel touch theirs.


Thanks Scott I like that one, see you there!

Carl that is all very useful info! Just what I was looking for.
The only other thing I am a bit nervous about is the starting line. They do the normal type where everyone holds each other up to start? I’ve always been more comfortable doing a running start and not being packed between while trying to get momentum, but maybe I will practice some more holding on to things.

Is there a pretty good crowd along the whole course for the runners, or just certain areas?

Corbin- I think you may have missed the part that it is this weekend. :stuck_out_tongue: But i will keep all of that in mind when I do decide to become a world champ. :smiley:

But yeah, I will be riding a Fixed 36" with 114mms. and shooting for somewhere around 2:20…