Duro X-Performer

This is a great tire that i got on my first uni. I ordered a club freestyle with a black kikzumbut but instead i got this tire. And i would love to say that this is the best mistake ever this tire has awesome grip and performance. But i cannot find any info about it there is nothing on duro tires website or anywhere on google. Did this happen to anyone else. Do you like the X-Performer? :astonished:

What kind of tread pattern does it have?

Is this the one?
Looks like it’s made by Duro, but being marketed as a Blank tyre. Duro seem to make quite a few tyres under other names.
Looks pretty similar tread to the Kikzumbut


I got one on my BC wheel, I can’t really say how id the thread though because I dont ride my BC wheel alot. The thread looks a bit simmilar to a 36" Nimbus Night Rider Tire. anyway, it looks cool, but I cant say alot about it.

yup thats the one except it doesnt say blank
and the tread is really similar to a nightrider