Duro Wildlife Leopard air pressure?

I was wondering what the p.s.i. rating for this tire is, and what pressure do you prefer to ride on, for a 26"x3" MUni tire. I don’t have it yet, thought I’d ask. Also is anyone use tube sealants like Slime? I used to get a lot of flats the Slime is doing the trick…

I think it’s 30-50 psi.
play with different pressures and find your own preference.

if you’re doing a lot of hopping you’ll want a pressure that’s just enough so it won’t bottom out but also bouncy.

Yeah I agree with Monocyclist about the 30-50psi. I do that to my unicycle. I guess it also depends on what you’ll be using your unicycle for. Will it be used for Street, MUni, Freestyle, etc

I can’t imagine a duro wildlife 3" being used for much other than muni…and I run my 24x3" at about 20psi.

i use my wildlife for trials and street and muni

i keep mine at 25-30 psi

Tire pressure is also very dependent on weight. Just experiment till you find what works for you. It’s just air, it’s free :slight_smile:

My 24 x 3 Leopard Wildlife is rated at 1 - 2.5 bar (15 - 35 psi), I don’t see why that should be different for the 26 x 3. I pump mine to about 22 psi when I think it is too soft, and then leave it alone for at least a month, during which time it deflates some. In the end it boils down to personal preference, also on how high you drop etc. A good starting point is 1 psi per 10 lbs of rider weight.

Slime… I never had a flat on any unicycle, and I’ve been riding for six years. Regardless of whether it would help prevent flats, it would be a bad thing if it adds significant weight. The best place to save weight (if at all possible) is in the wheel, and the more to the outside, the more important. Rim is more important than spokes, tyre is more important than anything else.

Klaas Bil

I way about 155 pounds (ahem!) and ride mine at about 20 PSI. That’s too firm for much bouncing, but gives a good combination of control and absorbing bumps.

I have had 4 consecutives flats on my Leopard! and always for the same reason: I tend to ride with “soft” pressure and the rim did cut the valve out of the tube!
I ended up protecting the valve with a combination of metal ring and chewing-gum!

well my Dx tire said 50, so is around 45 right now, it tht too much?

How much of a difference will it make, (weight ect?)?

In my 24" Leopard I use 10-15 psi for trials and street, and for MUni I use 15-25 psi

For my 24" Muni I use 34 psi for everything :wink:

I use about 17 - 20 psi for off-road (I weigh 70 kg, 11 st). I used to run it at a much higher pressure but it gives a very lively ride - not unpleasant on the road, but not good for rolling over roots.