Duro Wildlife Leopard 26" x 3" Tire and Tube

Looking for a big fat heavy duty unicycle tire? I’m offering for sale a lightly used Duro Wildlife Leopard 26" by 3" tire. This came on the Nimbus 26" Mountain Unicycle I bought new a couple months ago. I ended up swapping it for a narrower tire, and probably have less than 20 miles on it. I’m including the big tube that came with the tire.

UDC sells this for $55 (plus shipping, plus the tube), so I was thinking $40 is a reasonable asking price. If you’re in the USA, I’ll pay for the shipping. If you’re outside the USA, we’ll add the actual shipping cost to the total. I’ll take payment via PayPal. Let me know if you’re interested.

Here are a couple pictures of the tire and tube on and off the unicycle.

Sold. Thanks.