Duro Wildlife Leopard 26 x 3.0 DH Tire (Local Sale Bay Area)

I have one for pick up for local buyer close to Berkeley/Oakland. Save you on the shipping which seems to be about $20 (quoted from unicycle.com)

New, unused.

Asking $50.

Also have the Duro tube : HERE
Together for $60

Might be interested in:
odyssey twisted pedals
Trial tires for 20"

PM if interested.

Just giving props to the tire. My KH26 came with the 26x2.7" Maxxis. With my weight (180) and the the light tire structure, I found that I had to run a much higher pressure than my 24" muni. I didn’t like the 2.7 for my trails at all. But I didn’t immediately replace it because shipping is crazy high. I finally upgraded to the Duro 26x3 and find it much more forgiving – much closer to my KH24. I love this tire, and am now really enjoying my 26" uni.

Price lowered to $50 for both. New and needs a new owner to take care of it and feed it a ton of mud and twigs :smiley:

Rolling Bump.

This item is soldededed.