Duro Wildlife Leopard 26" + Harbinger Wrist Wrap Looking For 152MM Torker LX Crank

Located near Oakland, CA

I got that, don’t need it, never used.

With all items I would prefer to do a pickup. The duro I’d prefer a pickup since it’s a pain to find a box.

I’m looking for same $55, your save would be the shipping. You can also give me reasonable offers. I also have the heavy duty 3" tube that originally comes with the duro.

I have some Harbinger Classic Wrist Wrap. They’ve been opened, but practically new. Medium and great for 7-8.5" hands (measured around the knuckles. Looking for $20 or offer. I can ship these, just pay for shipping. My guestimate is about 2-3 bucks. Paypal.

LOOKING FOR: TORKER LX Left Crank 152mm black.

If you have a spare and you don’t care about it, name your price.

I think I have spare torker lx cranks. Are you looking for the ones that come stock with the 26"? I live in Santa Cruz. Could meet in San Jose in January.

Check the side of the crank, see if it says 152. Mines was for the stock 24". I’m not too sure what the 26 crank size is, hopefully same.

Thanks for the reply!

Ok. I am out of town until January so when I return I will check them out and let you know!

I have a pair of stock Torker Lx cranks from a 24". My Torker bit the big one when I began to get interested in trails a few years ago. The cranks are good though.

Yeah I screwed mines up by going backwards. I think there should be some large fonts for beginners to not ride backwards for too long unless they turn their seat backwards during the practice or watch out for their pedals unscrewing…

PM sent about it.

So I have the torker lx cranks that came stock with the 26" model. If you’re interested, you can have them for free if you pick them up in Santa Cruz where I live. Santa Cruz mountains actually. Scotts valley. PM me if you’re interested.