Duro Wildlife Leapord tire pressure

What pressure do you guys run in your Duro 24x3 tires?

There have been numerous threads about psi. In short, don’t go by actual psi numbers. It also depends on what type of riding you are doing. I assume MUni given the tire size.

I run mine so I have enough compression to roll over stuff, hop and jump, but not so little that I’ll bottom out on the rim after a drop, or even come close to that. And not so much that it’s like riding on a brick. I know at least one person who runs his tire at about 10% of his body weight, and it works well for him.

Btw, Long ago I switched to the Ultimate MUni tire and never looked back at Duro, gazz or anything else. By far the best tire for performance and handling, longest tread life, and lowest price. I think they’re almost all sold though. Once they’re gone, that’s it. :frowning:

15-30. This depends on many factors, the main ones being how heavy you are, how and what you ride.

I’d start w/ 25, ride your typical terrain and if you don’t hit the rim, get pinch flats or the tire folds over, then lower it by 2 psi, continue this until it does happen, then raise it by 2.

I regularly check mine before a ride and like my tire (a 2.6) at 13.5psi but I’m only 150 lbs and I don’t jump off anything.

Requires more pressure:
big drops, large side hops, sharp rocks, static landings, bad roll-outs.

I have no idea… I go by feel. Don’t worry about a specific pressure… just go with what works for you.

Ummm… skilewis, your pressure suggestion might not be terribly helpful if you don’t have the same tire. I used to ride a Gazz, which has a max pressure of about 30 psi, then I switched to a kujo DH and 30 psi was it’s min. pressure. Both of these are 24X3 inch tires.

I reckon a good starting pressure is about 1psi per 10lbs of rider weight. Then adjust it up or down depending on how and where you ride. I weigh 12st (=168lbs) and ran my Duro (a 26", but otherwise the same as a 24) at about 18psi on my old DX32 rim, a little bit softer on my new slightly wider Nimbus rim. My riding is mostly cross-country, but with some very rocky sections - no big drops though.


I’ve noticed when I run a low pressure on my 29 with a WTB Stout the tire sort of folds up and causes me to wipe out during tight turns. Thats the problem I’m trying to avoid.

I’m somewhat new to Muni so I’m not sure if there is a term for what I’m experiencing…

On another note, is there a secret to getting these big knobby tires to turn sharply? They seem difficult to manuver at times. Maybe it’s just the nature of the beast…

Thanks for all the help!!!

Goodmanje. I run my Duro at 10% body weight. I don’t however do huge drops so make sure that you have at least enough pressure to keep from bottoming out.

Terry. When these tires are gone will we be able to buy them from the stock pile you no doubt have at a hugely inflated mark up of course? :smiley:

I don’t have any trouble getting the Duro to respond to tight turns. I have had this problem with a Kenda Kinetics tire though.

Big downhill tyres like the Duro have much stiffer sidewalls than an xc 29er tyre, so you can run them at lower pressures. In fact, if you run them as hard as an xc tyre they feel far too stiff. If you do a lot of side hops you might have to run a bit more pressure to stop folding (or use a ridiculously wide rim like the Large Marge) - not a problem for me, I’m a roller not a hopper.


Thanks guys!

Sounds like I need to run a higher pressure (45 - 50) in my WTB Stout to keep it from folding. I’m going to try running my Duro at 19 (I weigh 190lbs) and see how that works out. I don’t do a lot of drops and hopping but thats something I’m actively working on so I may need to adjust as I get better at it.

I have an Intense 23x3 on each of my KH MUnis, plus an extra two I keep sealed in a box. I won’t be needing to replace my current tire for a long, long time. I’ve been riding the heck out of it almost daily for almost a year and it still looks and performs like new! :slight_smile:

If you run a big downhill tyre like the Duro in a tubeless setup you can keep the same pressure to resist bottoming out and making it roll easily while making it smoother over lumps and bumps…

Good suggestion. I run the Intense DH 3" at 15-20# for my 200# weight, the lower setting (15#) is better for slow, muddy stuff, esp when cold, then I bump up to 20# when things warm up and I do more drops.

My son rides the Wildlife at he’s running ~12-15# this winter and his weight is ~115#.

Note that rim width plays a part too, where a wider profile will flatten out your tire, so I would think that a shorter sidewall would lead to a stiffer ride at lower pressures.

I’d add a thumbs up for the Intense DH 3" tire, it is hands above more stabile than the Wildlife and just as grippy, plus very long wearing. On the downside, lighter riders like my son can’t abide them cuz they are a wee bit on the stiff side.