Duro wildlife 26"

Anyone have a Duro 26" with good tread they want to sell?


I have one spare that I no longer use. You can have a look at the pics here: http://allighieri.99k.org/Say-Worms/Uni_Parts.html

Let me know if it fits your need (and if you need a downhill tube too) ^_^.


how much for just the Duro, shipped to Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602?

I will check during the weekend but it couldn’t be worse than shipping of a Duro to California ($17 or $19 by UPS ground).

Would you be interested by a trade or a sale ?

Probably a purchase as I don’t really have too many extras for trading. How much are looking to get for just the tyre?

There is one on Craigslist in the DC area. Here is the link:

Nice listing, the person just got the weight wrong (1600g instead of 600g :D).

I have no idea of the right price for a used tire as I usually trade parts in and out. I will try to preview the shipping cost and will send you a PM with the shipping and a price (if you are still interested).