Duro Wildlife 24x3.0" Tyre: Whats the rolling diameter?

If anybody has one of these fitted could you measure the outside rolling diameter for me please? Also the radius from hub center to the outside of the tyre. I relise it will be a pretty rough measurement but it should be near enough.

Before ordering one I want to check it will fit in my '05 Onza/KH Muni frame.

The outside rolling diameter of my Duro Wildlife Leopard 24x3.0" tyre is 66 cm.
In schlumpfed mode it is virtually around 100 cm. :wink:
I rode it on a steep uphill on snow today and I can recommend it.


it will fit

I’m sure the rolling diameter depends on the persons weight, tire pressure, and age/gender.

age/gender? surely that only affects their weight, which you’ve already covered?

and to be frank if you’re worried about fitting the frame its not the rolling diametre you need, as the tyre at the frame crown isn’t deformed significantly during riding, so the static diametre will do.

It also affects the amount of air they displace :roll_eyes: :p:p:p

Thanks all… it was the staic diameter I meant. I’ll get one and try it.