Duro Razorback tires on eBay - $31 shipped

I found a bunch of Duro Razorback tires on ebay. I gather that this tire is the same as the Duro Wildlife Leopard, just a new name.
A variety of sizes, each $31 shipped!

I bought two 24x3. I asked the seller if he combined shipping (even though it’s already a great deal). His response:
"Sorry but These tires (24x3) are large and we are losing money on the shipping. The tires are way below retail. "

Mountain Tire 24x2.60 Duro Razorback SALE (we are nuts)
Mountain Tire 24x3.00 Duro Razorback SALE (we are nuts)
Mountain Tire 26x2.35 Duro Razorback SALE (we are nuts)
Mountain Tire 26x2.60 Duro Razorback SALE (we are nuts)
Mountain Tire 26x3.00 Duro Razorback SALE (we are nuts)

I have never purchased from this seller, but he has a good rating. Purchase at your own risk.

Looks just like the duro wildlife. I wonder how they differ.

cool thanks MuniOrBust. yeah looks like the Leopard, here’s the pic of the Razorback from the Duro site

I forgot to mention earlier, I got my Duro Razorback. In person it appears to be identical to the Duro Wildlife Leopard.

Prices changed on the ebay links above. Now ~$38.

Well this is encouraging for those people heavily invested in 24" riding. I was going to buy up a bunch of Wildlife leopards for my 24" gmuni but i might not have to if these are out in the market place.

I heard somewhere that the Razorback is the new name for the Leopard…

I think the compound may have a bit higher rating than the older wildlife, which was very soft. This looks to be maybe around 60,(medium) or higher, which would make it wear longer, and that would be a good thing! This is only speculation on my part, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the older duro was 50 or below. :slight_smile:

About the time I started this thread I asked Duro if there was a difference, but I didn’t get a response. I haven’t tried again. Oh well.

The 24x3.0 Duro Razorback tires are currently on sale here for $26.99:


Not necessarily. I once rode a Halo Ception - basically a scaled down Leopard - on my Oracle 24. Although it wasn’t entirely terrible, it was handled rather unpleasantly. I know it’s volume (or relative lack therof) will have played a part, but it definitely felt stiffer than the Leopard. Perhaps slightly firmer rubber would be better on a more voluminous 3" tyre; feedback would be much apreciated!