Duro 20" x 2.4"

Just wondering if anyone has tried the Duro DB5060 20" x 2.4" (from Unicycle.com)?
I am considering one for my Nimbus II 20" (assuming it fits) as it should roll over bumps more easily when just riding around. I currently run a hookworm on it.

I’m pretty sure that’s the same tire that comes on the Impact Sylph unicycle. I own a Sylph and really love the way it rides with the 20x2.4 tire. It is very smooth riding and stable, while being easy to control. I think it makes the 20" feel and handle like a bigger wheel. I have no idea if it will fit on the Nimbus 2 frame though. It does fill most of the height of the Impact Reagent frame used on the 20" wheeled Sylph. If you think it would fit, I’d definetly try it. Also be mindful that the rim on the Sylph is wider than the Nimus 2, so that wil effect the fit and ride too, due to a rounder tire contact profile on a narrower rim. You might want to try asking unicycle.com if it will fit (before purchasing it).